Russian Cheese Bobka Recipe (The real deal, not that oft repeated bullshit version)

Title: Russian Cheese Bobka
Not candy. Cheese based Easter dessert.


16oz Cream cheese
1 tsp Vanilla extract
1/2 c Butter (softened)
1 c Large curd cottage cheese
1/2 c Sugar
1 Tlbsp Fine shredded orange peel
1 Tlbsp Fine shredded lemon peel

1/3 c Chopped candied cherries
1/4 c Golden raisins (optional)
2 Tlbsp Diced candied pineapple
1/4 c Toasted almonds (optional)

In a blender or large mixing bowl, mix together Cream cheese, Butter, Cottage Cheese, and Sugar. Blend on high 1 minute. Then blend in vanilla, orange peel, and lemon peel. Mix in cherries, pineapples, raisins. (Or keep for garnishing the next step.) Poor mixture into moistened cheesecloth. Add roasted almonds to the top before covering with cheesecloth. (Add other dried fruits before covering with almonds if you chose to use them for garnishing.) Set in a collander with a bowl under it to catch the moisture. Let sit overnight or for a couple of days. Unmold it and serve.

We're making it today, for Easter. I'll take pictures.

Second part of my last post... That would post as one post...

At some point he got grounded for 3 months from the computer and all electronics. His father had asked him if he'd ever tried pot, and Nicky said that he had. So yes, the lesson here is that you should lie, because telling the truth would get you grounded. They micromanaged him during this time, and I didn't even get to talk to him more than once or twice in that entire time. And then they were in the same room as him listening in and commenting in the background. After he finally got ungrounded he was still trying to tell me what had been happening down there. It's been difficult because they have him under constant surveillance like a prisoner in jail.

Nicky went back up to NJ for the past month. His father and my other brother apparently set up this trip, but they never told my mother (who is the actual custodial parent) and they never told my grandparents. Considering that Nicky was supposed to be staying with my grandparents, I was pretty freaked out. I made a giant stink. My whole family and a bunch of family friends knew what was going on within a few hours. Which is great, because I was seriously worried that Nicky was just going to "disappear" or they'd say that he ran away and god only knows what that sick fucker (his father) would have done with him.

Nicky's been talking to my Aunts and my Grandmother. He's been having such a good time bopping around with friends and just being a 16 year old boy that he hasn't had much time to talk to me. My Aunt contacted me this morning because she said Nicky is not doing well. He was in the bathroom retching and puking for hours. He'd had a noticeable change in personality. She said that he's been an absolute pleasure this entire time, and all of the sudden he's picking fights with her, being insulting, and just not behaving like himself. I saw this same behavior directly before he left here last year. He's supposed to be going back to Florida on Saturday.

It's obvious to me that he is working up towards another full-blown panic attack and possibly a psychotic break. The few things I've gleaned about what's going on have really decided my future actions from here on out. Shortly before Nicky left for NJ, he was fixing the lawnmower. Apparently he wasn't going fast enough for his father, who walked past him and casually CHUCKED A FUCKING HAMMER AT NICKY. He missed, but only just. My Aunt is now witness to this, as is my grandmother, and he's told them what has been happening as well.

I'm going to make sure that he has a place to go, and offer whatever financial support I need to. I'm going to find out what his opinion is on the matter. And I'm contacting my mother and telling her that I do not want him going back down there. And if they insisted on him coming back down there, that I was going to contact DYFS. I'd rather not deal with them if I don't have to, because they royally suck. But I have enough proof on my side, including mine and my other siblings DYFS files up in NJ, and the fact that her ex-husband not only is an abusive fuck, but has violated a court order, and stolen nearly $60,000 from my other brother's trust fund. And because she has known that this was going on and has done nothing to fix, improve, or otherwise change the situation, nor has she ever once tried to protect her children from that asshole, she will probably have charges against her as well. Luckily for Nicky, the history of clear abuse from when I was a kid will be seen in a different light these days. Shit that was perfectly acceptable or ignored back then is now a huge red flag for abuse. And you're damn straight I will testify against them on my brother's behalf.

Regardless of their response, this shit stops now. This comes out into the open down. They have been behaving this way for damn near 30 years and they think there is nothing wrong with it. They will never stop. I can't stay silent anymore, even if Nicky wants me to. I have had it. They need to be shamed. They need to be punished. But I'll settle for just getting Nicky the hell out of there. If I could have kept him last summer, I would have, in a heartbeat.

I will, a little later, write up a list of things that have been done to my youngest brother. I can even split it up by occurrences per parent. I am seriously considering emailing this to every family member that I have, if not putting it in a note on Facebook for them all to see.

Any advice, or comments, you guys? Because honestly, I've been shaking since my Aunt contacted me this morning. I am so incredibly angry.

Fuck you, Server Error. I'm going to post this shit.

Last year, before my brother Nicky came here, I posted this on in a group that focuses on child abuse awareness and support for the survivors of child abuse:

My youngest little brother is coming here for the summer. He's currently living in Florida with his father, the man who viciously abused me when I was a child. He's had hardly any contact with my brother up until my mother and him decided that he was going to live with him (while he (Nicky) was here supporting me while I had my daughter.) His father didn't even call him on his birthday or Christmas for the first 15 years of his life. (He (Nicky's father) did call my other brother.) He used occasional visits with my brothers to try to get back with mother in the house she shared with her new boyfriend, while he (Nicky's father) was married to a new woman.

I was talking to my youngest brother today and he told me "First I was getting beat up by mom and her boyfriend, and now I'm being beaten up by my dad." His father calls it "Corporal Punishment". And that's how he thinks he's going to get away with it. You see, this man is a former NJ and FL state trooper. He knows the law and he knows how to break it without getting caught. If he does go too far and leaves a mark, he makes sure that you don't leave the house or have access to any way of contacting the authorities until those marks go away. My mother is also abusive and neglectful and will not say anything against him even if she knows something is happening. They live next door to each other on the same property 20 miles away from the nearest neighbor.

I am absolutely heartsick about this situation. My youngest brother has told my sister and her soon to be boyfriend, my other brother, my aunt and hopefully my grandmother (I told him to talk to her on the flight over here.) some of what has gone on, and he's promised to tell me everything when he gets here. I told him that when we go back to the US in August I will have to report the abuse, and that I can't send him back there knowing he's in danger. He told me that he's considering trying to become emancipated and will attempt to do so if he goes back and the situation remains the same. He asked me to not report anything until he makes a decision. (I did warn him off of telling them that he will report the abuse or try to become emancipated if they don't stop. I fear that if he does so, they will seriously harm him.) He will be 16 in October, and I think I need to respect his wishes in regards to the situation.

I'm terrified that if I let him go back there, those people are going to cause him serious physical, mental, and emotional harm. (Moreso than they already have.) I will be able to give you details after he tells me them, and if you like I can detail what I went through and what has happened to date that I already know about. Perhaps you will be able to advise me on the situation. I'm really so very upset about this. My youngest brother is like my child. I raised him because my mother is just horrible.

So here's what happened last summer with this situation...

My brother stayed the entire summer, and for most of it, we had a great time. But the closer that we got to the date that he had to return home, the more his personality changed; he started picking fights, being horribly obnoxious, and having panic attacks. This culminated in a damn near psychotic break the night before he had to go back to Florida.

The only reason I hadn't called the police or CPS the minute he got here was because he asked me not to. He sincerely wanted to give those people one more chance to fix things, change their ways, and be good parents to him. My brother is a good person, regardless of what bullshit those assholes continue to say about him. The entire summer, he detailed, vented, and ranted about the situation there. We had constant discussions about what had occurred. He told me, right after he got here, that he would tell me what was going on in the house, but that I probably wouldn't believe him because no one ever did. He told me a few things, and I told him flat out that I believed him. And moreso, I believed him because his father had done the same or similar things to my sister and I when we were little. I had to give him details because he was skeptical. After that the floodgates crashed open, and he could not stop talking about what was going on there, and how it was effecting him.

We tried to counsel him as best we could. We tried to put in safeguards to ensure that he was going to be alright when he was forced to go back there. We told my grandmother quite a bit of it. Livid does not describe how upset my grandmother was. She worked on keeping some safeguards in place for him. She assured him that she would come and get him if he needed to leave there.

My mother came up from Florida to visit at the same time we arrived back in the US. My sister was getting married and also my mother was meeting Imbri for the first time. She wasn't going back with Nicky because she wanted to spend some more time up in New Jersey. Ultimately, she would up spending the entire three weeks we were there, up there. She stayed with my aunt because my grandmother told her in no uncertain terms that she was no longer welcome in my grandmother's house. As soon as my mother arrived, I started talking to her about the situation down in Florida.

She put every single problem that was going on down there on the New Wife of Nicky's dad. She made a zillion and a half excuses for Nicky's dad. She told me that she was very unhappy with how things were going over at the other house and she was going to have strong words with Nicky's dad. And of course, Nicky's dad's wife. She also told me that I shouldn't believe what Nicky told me because he lies, and exaggerates. She alternated that with telling me that Nicky couldn't lie to save his life and so he usually didn't. She flat out denied things that I know had happened to me when I was younger when Andre confronted her with it. (Probably because my cousin was sitting there, and he would tell others that she sat passively by and watched her then husband nearly kill her 10 year old daughter.) And seriously, thank the gods for Andre. He listened to what Nicky said, and it confirmed almost everything that I'd told him. You see, my parents (Mom, and Dad) had told him what a horrible teenager I was. I lied too. I exaggerated. I was just a horrible kid. Having confirmation from my brother was very upsetting to Andre. Not that he didn't believe me before that, but he may have thought that there was a possibility that I was seeing it through teenagers glasses at that point and didn't really have a good perspective because of that. I actually watched my already-glow-in-the-dark-white husband's face entirely drained of it's blood when Nicky started telling him what had happened to him.

Ultimately, I had to respect my brother's wishes. I was assured that Nicky would be able to get into contact with me whenever he needed to. I told my mother that I was going to call the police, and only Nicky was stopping me from doing so. The first few months back were almost bearable for him. And then things started going to shit again. Worse, now they were not letting him go next door to visit my mother, because my mother would let him online and then he could post on Facebook about what was going on. And that ALWAYS got a nasty response from me. They weren't letting him talk to or see my mom's boyfriend either. They had installed netnanny or some bullshit onto his computer and had a keystroke logger, so that if we spoke they would know what he was telling me. They stood outside his door and listened if we tried to talk on Skype, and would constantly interrupt him and tell him to get off the computer because he was losing computer privileges, usually for some seriously ridiculous bullshit. He got straight A's in school, but because one of those was an A- he was grounded from the computer for over a week. Not surprising since the same day he got grounded was a day that he was talking to me about how they weren't feeding him properly. (Also a regular occurrence and method of abuse that my ex-step-father enjoyed using with my sister and I when we were younger.)

It's been a while...

Since I actually posted. And I'm not really going to post now... I'll have to wait until later when Bubs is taking her nap. I've had entries in mind, but no time or motivation to actually go ahead and post them. I promise, though, I'll update things shortly.

Oy, In Laws...

Apparently I am a horrible wife and mother because I "make" my husband take care of our child when he gets home from work. They're absolutely horrified about it. First of all, I can't make him do anything. Second of all, it's the little time that he has with her during the day and she needs it. He says that it relaxes him. I don't understand why they think it's so terrible that he spends time with and takes care of his daughter when he gets home. Grrr.
Go The Fuck Hence - Asshole

Facebook Bigotry...

Posted in my friend's list. (This person is no long on that list.)

Kimberly Jones is PISSED that the plans for the new ground zero mosque got passed!!! Absolutely despicable!!! From what I understand the citizens of NY are FURIOUS though and plan to fight it. I think those people who voted to allow it should be downright ashamed of themselves!!!! How dare they call themselves American!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!
Jessica L. Veltstra-Collins
So freedom of religion only counts if you're Christian?

Kimberly Jones
This has NOTHING to do with "freedom of religion"! It is about Muslims asserting their power, dominance, and control over us and rubbing in the fact that they can kill as many Americans as they want and get away with it! Did you know that the mosque will over look ground zero, dead center while they are in middle of their "worship"?! It's time for ...(tharr be more) Peer into the depthseveryone to wake up and smell the coffee! Even Obama is Muslim and admits it and he is pushing to help turn America into a Muslim state! If they're successful they will kill everyone who does not agree to convert to Islam. In their belief, everyone who is not of Islam, is an infidel and must die! If that's what you want though...! I say though that I am not going to take this lying down! I'm going to raise hell about it and I'm going to fight it! THAT is the American way!!! Standing up for what is right!

Kimberly Jones
Btw, IF it was about freedom of religion then why didn't they choose to build it some where else in NY other than right where it can overlook ground zero? It's the same thing as them pissing all over their own territory and claiming it as theirs! And that is just WRONG!! IF it's about freedom of religion, then they can find somewhere else to build their mosque.
Pamela Miller
I agree with you Kimberly Whole heartedly

Kimberly Jones
And to top it off, the completion and ribbon cutting date is set for sept. 11th 2011!! Now you tell me if this is about freedom of religion....It's pretty obvious to me that it is NOT!!!
James N Missy Luce
OMG there are just no words.
Jessica L. Veltstra-Collins.
Listen, I am from Monmouth County, NJ, who had more people get killed during the attacks than anywhere else. You could see the smoking wreckage of the WTC from the beach by my house. I know people who died, either by jumping to their death or when the buildings collapsed. My uncle was in the subway of the towers when the first plane hit. I have other friends who helped with the recovery effort. I still cannot bring myself to visit the site, because it was so very upsetting and traumatizing to me, as someone who is from the area.

With those qualifiers:
1. There are Muslim Americans and they are entitled to the same respect as everyone else. Muslim =/= terrorist. Most of the Muslim world was just as horrified as everyone else by what happened on 9/11.
2. Being a Muslim is not illegal. It's a different religion, and most of them are not extremists. You really cannot paint all people of a particular faith with one stroke of a paint brush. If I were to detail for you all of the terroristic things done in Jesus' name, you'd be pretty horrified.
3. Using quotes when discussing their worship is stupid. They are entitled to their religious practices as much as anyone else. If you deny their right to practice their religion and the respect that they deserve, then all of this freedom that you're proclaiming is already lost, by you, not them.
4. Obama is a Christian. He's not a Muslim. Not that his religion is of any significance to anyone, since he is in no position to change the US into a "Muslim State" where infidels will be killed. Any change to the Constitution, which is what you're suggesting he's going to do, has to go through a lengthy and arduous ratifying process, which it would not pass as you're suggesting that he wants to re-write the First Amendment. Now, he hasn't introduced any such thing, nor has he suggested that he would like to in the future.
5. Christians continue to attempt to convert people and if they don't those people are told they are going to hell. I don't really see how that is different than what you are suggesting the Muslims which to do, which, by the way, you are wrong about.
6. Why SHOULD they find a different place for their mosque? How is building a place of worship pissing on anyone or anything? I fail to see your logic. Honestly. I don't see why I should be in hysterics about this.
7. You're not fighting for what is right. You do not represent all Americans. Raising hell in the way that you are, about this, only makes you look like a bigot. If it's your opinion that you don't like this, that's fine. But please, don't think that you're speaking for all Americans, because frankly I'm appalled by every assumption that you've made, every accusation, every single bullshit theory that you've quoted. So much so, that I'm going to repost what you said with links back to you, so everyone will know what a fear-mongering bigot you are. And I'm removing you from my friends list because you are a disgusting bigoted human being.

Seriously... You and all people like you make me sick, and ashamed to be an American.

Kimberly's profile can be found here: http://www.facebook.com/kimbers7z
Her idiot friend Pamela Miller who agrees with her bigotry can be found here: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000586933836

Have fun.